Zerbanoo's dad Bailey Irani was the son of Rustom Khododad of Poona and Gover Irani. Bailey Irani came as a baby from Iran with his parents to escape grinding persecution imposed on Zoroastrians in Iran of those days. On arrival to India, Gover’s father unexpectedly died leaving her mother to bring up six children in a foreign country. Beautiful and sweet natured Gover married at a young age. She had twelve children but by the age of 33 she was widowed. She too brought up her eight surviving children single-handedly. Each one of her five boys and three girls carved a successful and fascinating life for themselves.

Bailey the fifth child and third son studied at the Jesuit School at St.Xavier’s in Poona later studying engineering before leaving for England. In London he ran the Heritage Hotel and carved a reputation as the youngest President of the City of London Lions Club as well as the President of the Paddington Chamber of Commerce.

Bailey was the much loved centre of the Zoroastrian community in England.He was actively associated with the Zoroastrian Trust Funds of Europe(www.ZTFE.com) and involved in community matters for nearly 50 years, first as a committee member, office-bearer and subsequently as its President. In 1991 Bailey was elected to the position of Trustee of the Zoroastrian Trust Funds of Europe (www.ztfe.com) and served in this position until 1998.

Bailey was also a founder member of the World Zoroastrian Organisation and its first President.

In 1982 with formation of the new Social Democratic Party in Britain he contested the Hyde Park ward and although not elected to a Westminster seat he lived his philosophy that you "played the game win or lose."Bailey loved life". He was a great traveller. Skiing, scrubber diving and climbing the highest peaks in Scotland for charity late into his 70s.

Bailey with his Irani background was able to bridge the divide between the Iranian and Parsee Zoroastrians and helped overcome community differences with his charm and humour. He was an original with a heart of gold. He passed away on 28th April 2004.Bailey will always be remembered with affection for his vision and determination to work for the creation of the World Zoroastrian Organisation.  www.w-z-o.org.